Term 2 2018 Timetable 

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Our Learn to Swim program is the product of extensive experience and dedication in the field of aquatic education. Our friendly staff have a wide range of experience in the swimming industry and this, combined with continuous training and professional development means that all of our classes are conducted at the highest level. We believe that water safety and good swimming technique are part of the same journey.

Through learning correct technique, swimmers develop love and respect for water, paramount to lifelong safety and fun in all aquatic environments. Generally, most of our lessons run for half an hour with the exception of our higher levels, Level 6 classes dependent on size swim for 45 minutes.

This program operates between the hours of 3pm and 5:30pm Monday to Friday & 8am-11am on a Saturday

Learn to Swim Levels

Babies – Water Safety, familiarisation and confidence – parents in water under the instruction of a teacher.
30 minutes

Level 1 – 3 years and over Water Safety, body position, floating 30 minutes

Level 2 – Body position, front and back kicking techniques, breathing techniques, overarms 30 minutes

Level 3 – Incorporation of overarms and breathing, back arms 30 minutes

Level 4 – Development of freestyle and backstroke technique 30 minutes

Level 5 – Continued development of freestyle and backstroke technique, introduction of breaststroke and butterfly. 30 minutes

Level 6 – Development of all 4 strokes.45 minutes